Devonian System

Chattanooga Shale, Sylamore Sandstone, Fortune Formation, Holts Summit Sandstone, Snyder Creek Shale, Cedar Valley Limestone, Louisiana Limestone, Saverton Shale, Grassy Creek Shale, Turpin Sandstone, Bushberg Sandstone, Glen Park Limestone, St. Larent Limestone, Beauvais Sandstone, Grand Tower Limestone, Clear Creek Chert, Little Saline Limestone, Grassy Knob Chert, Bailey Formation.
State Missouri
Name Devonian System
Geologic age Late to Early Devonian
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Clastic > Sandstone (Bed)
Sedimentary > Carbonate > Limestone (Bed)
Sedimentary > Clastic > Mudstone > Shale (Bed)
Sedimentary > Chemical > Chert (Bed)
Comments IN SOUTHWEST MO- (Upper Series), Chattanooga Shale- (30 ft. max) black shale; Sylamore Sandstone- (14 ft. max) quartz sandstone; (Middle Series), Fortune FM- (6 ft. max) sandstone, chert, limestone. IN CENTRAL MO- (Upper Series), Holts Summit Sandstone (max thickness ?)- sandstone; Snyder Creek Shale- (max thickness 60 ft.)- calcareous and arenaceous shale with thin beds of limestone and sandstone; (Middle Series)- Cedar Valley Limestone (max thickness ?)- limestone. IN NORTHEAST MO- (Upper series), Louisiana Limestone- (max thickness 67 ft.) dense to lithographic, bluishish-gray, hard, brittle limestone which grades into yellow-brown massive silty dolomite; Saverton Shale (max thickness 14 ft.)- greenish or blueish gray, fissile, silty, and sandy shale; Grassy Creek Shale (max thickness 67 ft.)- dark olive gray to brown black, hard, fissile, carbonaceous shale; Terpin Sandstone (max thickness ?)- sandstone; (Middle Series), Cedar Valley Limestone (max thickness ?)- limestone. IN EAST-CENTRAL MO- (Upper Series), Bushberg Sandstone ( max thickness 14 ft.)- yellowish-brown, fine to coarse grained friable, porous, quartzose sandstone; Glen Park Limestone (max thickness 60 ft.)- light to medium gray, oolitic limestone with phosphatic bands and nodules. IN SOUTHEAST MO- (Middle Series), St. Laurent Limestone- (275 ft. max) gray limestone; Beauvais Sandstone- 980 ft. max) quartz sandstone; Grand Tower Limestone- (250 ft. max) gray limestone; (Lower Series), Clear Creek Chert- (300 ft. max) chert; Little Saline Limestone- (100 ft. max) white limestone; Grassy Knob Chert- (max thickness ?)- chert; Bailey FM- (300 ft. max) cherty limestone with some shale. Summary- mostly limestone and sandstone with some shale and chert.

Howe, W.B. and Koenig, 1961, The Stratigraphic Succession in Missouri: Missouri Geological Survey and Water Resources, Vol XL. 2nd Series.

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