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HALE SANDSTONE, restricted to an isolated exposure in McDonald County, southwest Missouri
State Missouri
Geologic age Phanerozoic | Paleozoic | Carboniferous Pennsylvanian-Early [Lower Morrowian]
Comments Hale Sandstone-medium grained, cross bedded to massive, yellow to brown, quartzose sandstone, 65 ft. max. NOTE- unit was assigned an * or point symbol on orginal map and has been reassigned Phs for this data set.
Primary rock type sandstone
Secondary rock type
Other rock types
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Clastic > Sandstone (Bed)
Map references
Middendorf, M. A., and others, 2003, Geologic Map of Missouri: Missouri Geological Survey. Scale 1:500K
Unit references
Howe, W. B. and Koenig, 1961, The Stratigraphic Succession in Missouri: Missouri Geological Survey and Water Resources, Vol XL. 2nd Series.