Citronelle formation

Red sand and gravel and white clay; may be of Pliocene age; the formation mapped is equivalent to the Willis sand and does not include the terrace deposits, colluvium, and residuum commonly considered "Citronelle".
State Mississippi
Name Citronelle formation
Geologic age Pleistocene
Lithologic constituents
Unconsolidated > Coarse-detrital > GravelRed gravel
Unconsolidated > Coarse-detrital > SandRed sand
Unconsolidated > Fine-detrital > ClayWhite clay
Comments Secondary unit desrciption from USGS Lexicon website (MS002) and MS011: The Citronelle Formation is the most widely distributed unit in the study area, occurring in all 35 quads mapped in south-central MS, and occupying the highest elevations. It is composed of gravel and sandstone with a few thin layers of silt or clay. Has undergone considerable weathering. Contact with the underlying Hattiesburg Formation is an easily recognized regional unconformity, marked by a thin, dark-brown to black, iron-cemented sand. The lenses of clay consist dominantly of kaolinite and illite and tend to be laminated. Large-scale cross-bedding is evident. Underlies terrace deposits. Age is Pliocene and Pleistocene (Li and Meylan, 1994).

Moore, William Halsell, 1969, reprinted 1985, Geologic Map of Mississippi, Compiled by Bicker, A. R., Jr., a revision of the geologic map published by the MS Geological Survey in 1945 in cooperation with the USGS, revised from data submitted by Dr. E. E. Russell of MS State University from published reports of the MS Geological Survey and from field revisions, Mercury Maps Inc., Jackson, MS., scale 1:500,000.

USGS Geologic Names lexicon found at:

Li, Zebao and Meylan, M.A., 1994, Lithostratigraphy and petrology of Neogene and Pleistocene sedimentary rocks, south-central Mississippi: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, v. 44, p. 383-392.

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