Concord Granite

Gray two-mica granite, locally grading to tonalite.
State New Hampshire
Name Concord Granite
Geologic age Late Devonian
Lithologic constituents
Igneous > Plutonic > Granitic > Granite (Pluton)gray two-mica granite
Igneous > Plutonic > Granitic > Tonalite (Pluton)locally grading to tonalite
Comments Part of the New Hampshire Plutonic Suite (Late to Early Devonian) - Includes synkinematic and postkinematic granitoids related to the Acadian orogeny. Ages range from 410 to 365 Ma. New Hampshire Plutonic Suite: Newfound Lake pluton = 373 (concordant) U/Pb, monazite (J.N. Aleinikoff, oral commun., Feb. 15, 1984). Sunapee pluton = 349+/-? Rb/Sr per NH034. 366+/-8 Rb/Sr; recalculation by J.N. Aleinikoff (oral commun., July 20, 1990) of combined Rb/Sr data of NH028 and NH034. 364+/-2 U/Pb per NH014 and J.N. Aleinikoff, oral commun., July 20, 1990. Concord Granite = 365+/-20 U/Pb per J.N. Aleinikoff, oral commun., Mar. 5, 1986. 375+/-? U/Pb, monazite from pegmatite in Concord Granite per NH030. New Durham pluton = 377+/-? U/Pb, monazite per NH030. Hooksett pluton = 402+/-? Rb/Sr per NH034 and 365+/-20 U/Pb per J.N. Aleinikoff, oral commun., Mar. 5, 1986. Barrington pluton = 363+/-? U/Pb, monazite per NH030. Fitzwilliam Granite = 383+/-? Rb/Sr per NH034 and NH035.

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