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Conway Granite

Conway Granite - Typically pink, coarse-grained mesoperthitic biotite (amphibole-free) granite; locally fine-grained or porphyritic.
StateNew Hampshire
NameConway Granite
Geologic ageMiddle - Late? Jurassic
Original map labelJc1b
CommentsPart of the White Mountain igneous province of McHone and Butler (1984) - Overall part of the White Mountain Plutonic-Volcanic Suite - Includes Cretaceous alkalic syenite to granitic to gabbroic plutons, minor volcanic rocks, and lamprophyre dikes of the New England-Quebec igneous province of McHone and Butler (1984); also includes Jurassic granite and syenite and less abundant quartz syenite, diorite, gabbro, nepheline syenite, and volcanic rocks of the White Mountain igneous province of McHone and Butler (1984). Middle - Late? Jurassic White Mountain Plutonic-Volcanic Suite: Gore Mountain granitic intrusive rocks = 169+/-3 K/Ar per NH013. Percy pluton = 166+/-4 K/Ar per NH013. Pliny Range intrusive rocks = 182+/-4 and 189+/-5 K/Ar per NH013; also 183+/-2 Ar/Ar per NH019. Cannon Mountain pluton = 184+/-4 K/Ar per NH022 and 194+/-4 K/Ar per NH013. Conway Granite = 183+/-5, 182+/-4, 180+/-4, 178+/-4, 171+/-4, and 155+/-4 K/Ar per NH023. Mad River pluton = 178+/-5 K/Ar, 158+/-4 Rb/Sr, biotite, per NH022. Belknap intrusive rocks = 159+/-3 K/Ar per NH022. 161+/-5 Rb/Sr and 158+/-3 K/Ar, biotite, per NH013. 169.3+/-1.7 Rb/Sr per NH033.
Primary rock typegranite
Secondary rock type
Other rock types
Lithologic constituents
Igneous > Plutonic > Granitic > Granite (Pluton)typically pink, coarse-grained mesoperthitic biotite (amphibole-free) granite; locally fine-grained or porphyritic
Map references
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Unit references
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Loiselle, M.C., and Hart, S.R., 1978, Sr isotropic systematics of the Belknap Mtns. complex. New Hampshire [abs.]: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 10, p. 73.
CountiesBelknap - Carroll - Coos - Grafton

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