Merrimack Group, Eliot Formation

Gray to green phyllite, calcareous quartzite, quartz-mica schist, and well-bedded calc-silicate.
State New Hampshire
Name Merrimack Group, Eliot Formation
Geologic age Ordovician? - Silurian?
Lithologic constituents
Metamorphic > Metasedimentary > Metaclastic > Quartzitecalcareous quartzite
Metamorphic > Metasedimentary > Metaclastic > Phyllite
Metamorphic > Schist > Mica-schistquartz-mica schist
Metamorphic > Metasedimentary > Calc-silicate-rockwell-bedded calc-silicate
Comments Part of the Nashoba-Casco-Miramichi Terrane (Merrimack Trough).
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Counties Rockingham - Strafford