Shiloh Marl Member of the Kirkwood Formation

Clay, massive, dark-gray with abundant large mollusks. Unit subcrops near the Delaware River where the overlying Wildwood Member and Cohansey Formation have been stripped away. The Shiloh Marl Member averages about 30 m (98 ft) thick. Diatoms recovered from the Shiloh from the ACGS-4 corehole 5.3 km (3.2 mi) northwest of Mays Landing, Atlantic County, contain the diagnostic diatom Actinoptychus heliopelta (Andrews, 1987) indicating an early Miocene age. Strontium-isotope analysis of shells yielded an age of 20 Ma (Burdigalian) (Sugarman and others, 1993).
State New Jersey
Name Shiloh Marl Member of the Kirkwood Formation
Geologic age lower Miocene, lower Burdigalian
Lithologic constituents
Unconsolidated > Fine-detrital > ClayClay, massive, dark-gray with abundant large mollusks.
Comments part of the Kirkwood Formation (described seperately, but not mapped): Kirkwood Formation (middle and lower Miocene, Serravallian to Aquitanian) - Consists of the Wildwood Member and an informal lower member on the central sheet and the Belleplain Member, Wildwood Member, Shiloh Marl Member, and lower member on the southern sheet. The Belleplain Member is a new member named for beds occurring in a corehole drilled by the U.S. Geological Survey at Belleplain State Forest Headquarters, Cape May County. The Wildwood Member is a new member named for beds occurring in a drillhole at Wildwood Beach, Cape May County.

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