Carbonate Shelf Sequence - Dolomite

Unit corresponds with sequence 5 of Cook and Corboy (2004) and includes the Laketown and Lone Mountain Dolomites and equivalent unnamed rocks. In White Pine County these rocks are grouped with the underlying unit SOc, but otherwise are mapped in Elko, Eureka, Nye, Lincoln, and Clark Counties. Disconformities and discontinuities are commonplace along both upper and lower contacts (Langenheim and Larson, 1973). Unit DSc is depositionally overlain by unit Dcd, except where those rocks are grouped with unit Dc. In general, unit DSc overlies unit SOc. In Clark County and parts of Elko County, unit SOc is not differentiated from unit OCc, and therefore DSc lies directly on OCc. In the Sulphur Spring Range, DSc depositionally overlies unit DSt, and in the Roberts Mountains it grades laterally and vertically down into unit DSt. The Lone Mountain Dolomite has been shown to be both primary and secondary dolomite (Nichols and Silberling, 1977a). Therefore the boundaries mapped between unit DSc and both underlying DSt and overlying Dcd are not primary depositional features in all cases, especially in the Roberts Mountains.
State Nevada
Name Carbonate Shelf Sequence - Dolomite
Geologic age Lower Devonian and Silurian
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Carbonate > Dolostone (Bed)
NGMDB product
Counties Clark - Elko - Eureka - Lincoln - Nye - White Pine