Oswego Sandstone

Oswego Sandstone
State New York
Name Oswego Sandstone
Geologic age Upper Ordovician
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Clastic > Sandstone
Comments part of Lorraine, Trenton, and Black River Groups up to 1600 ft. (490 m). Secondary unit descriptions from USGS website (ref. NY046) and reference NY034, NY019: The Oswego Formation in northwestern VA consists of greenish gray, brown weathering, fine-grained sandstone, tan shale, and conglomerate. Overlies the Martinsburg Formation and underlies the Juniata Formation. The combined thickness of the Oswego with the Juniata is 450 to 500 feet. The Oswego and Juniata intertongue and in places the Oswego underlies the Tuscarora Formation (Rader and Briggs, 1976), In cross section E-E'. Area of coverage is subsurface of central West Virginia and northern Virginia. Oswego Sandstone used in Allegheny structural front for argillaceous sandstone overlying Reedsville Formation. Pre-Silurian erosion has removed it from areas between North Mountain thrust fault to Blue Ridge. Age is Late Ordovician (latest Maysvillian through earliest Richmondian) based on fossils (Ryder, 1992).

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Rader, E.K. and Biggs, T.H., 1976, Geology of the Strasburg and Toms Brook quadrangles, Virginia: Virginia Division of Mineral Resources Report of Investigations, no. 45, 104 p.

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