Hoxbar Group

ARDMORE-SHERMAN- Upper most member of Glenn Fm, consisting of brown limestone, white sandstone, and shale. "Zuckerman Sandstone" (top eroded) down to base of "Confederate Limestone;" thickness, 2,800 feet. Occurs in the ARDMORE BASIN.
State Oklahoma
Name Hoxbar Group
Geologic age Middle Pennsylvanian
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Clastic > Mudstone > Shale (Bed)
Sedimentary > Clastic > Sandstone (Bed)
Sedimentary > Carbonate > Limestone (Bed)
Comments Probably named for town of Hoxbar, Carter Co, OK, in the Ardmore Basin, S. Oklahoma folded belt province. Type area given in secs 26 and 35, T5S, R2E, Carter Co, OK. Occurs southeast of Ardmore and west of Hoxbar. Consists chiefly of shales, divided into the following members (ascending): Confederate limestone, Union Dairy, Westheimer, Crinerville, Anadarche, Daube, and Zuckermann. These members separated from each other by unnamed parts of Hoxbar. Basal part consists of several brown limestones, one of which is prolific FUSILINA CYLINDRICA horizon. Upper part consists of white sandstones separated by light-blue to yellow and red shales. Becomes less calcareous toward the southeast. Near top of member, 4 mi southeast of Ardmore, a coal seam 2-4 ft thick occurs. Total thickness of Hoxbar is 4,000 ft. (Goldston, 1922).

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