Wapanucka Formation

ARDMORE-SHERMAN- Limestone, gray to tan, fine-grained to oolitic. Mapped separately along Lawrence uplift as IPwal, 30 to 75 feet thick with gray shale, IPwas, below, about 160 feet thick. Occurs in the ARBUCKLE MTNS.
State Oklahoma
Name Wapanucka Formation
Geologic age Early Pennsylvanian
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Carbonate > Limestone (Bed)
Comments Probably named for Wapanucka, in Johnston Co, OK. Crops out as narrow band along eastern border of the older Caney shale (new) in southeast and southwest corners of Coalgate quad, Coal Co, OK, Arkoma basin. Is extensive but thin lentil reaches beyond quad borders. Produces ridges, except where beds are overturned, allowing shale on both sides to erode, leaving limestone unprotected. Abrupt ending of unit at south end of Limestone Ridge due to displacement by an extensive fault. Southward at Boggy Depot, Atoka quad, Ouachita tectonic belt province, it emerges, bearing northwest and continuing to southwest corner Coalgate quad. Beds at top are white, massive, often oolitic. Cherty, sandy limestones and shales occur in central part. Below this is a massive white limestone (not constant in thickness, often missing). At base are calcareous and cherty sandstones which grade into shales on one hand, into nearly pure ferruginous sandstones of the other. In Limestone Ridge lowest strata are thin cherts and flint plates, interbedded with siliceous limestone. In vicinity of Wapanucka, S. Oklahoma folded belt province, sandstone beds occur at base. Whole unit thins westward. 200 ft thick at Limestone Ridge; 30 ft thick at west edge of quad. (Taff, 1901).
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Counties Atoka - Coal - Johnston - Pontotoc