Navarro Group, undivided

Navarro Group, undivided
State Texas
Name Navarro Group, undivided
Geologic age Late Cretaceous; Gulfian Series
Lithologic constituents
Unconsolidated > Coarse-detrital > Sand (Bed)
Unconsolidated > Fine-detrital > Clay (Bed)
Sedimentary > Clastic > Sandstone (Bed)
Comments Upper 250 ft, mostly silty, calcar. clay with sandst beds and concretionary masses near top, some interbeds of sandst. near base. Lower 200+- ft, quartz sand, fine grained, silty, locally calcar. concretions in discontin. beds, lt. gray; marine megafossils. On Sherman Sheet (1967) east of Sabine River.
Stratigraphic units Kemp Clay (above), Nacatoch Sand (below)

Bureau of Economic Geology, 1967, Sherman Sheet, Geologic Atlas of Texas: University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, scale 1:250,000.

Bureau of Economic Geology, 1992, Geologic Map of Texas: University of Texas at Austin, Virgil E. Barnes, project supervisor, Hartmann, B.M. and Scranton, D.F., cartography, scale 1:500,000.

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