Strawn Group

Strawn Group
State Texas
Name Strawn Group
Geologic age Middle Pennsylvanian; Atoka and Des Moines Series
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Clastic > Mudstone > Claystone (Bed)mostly mudstone with thin sandst. units and a few limest. lentils
Comments Unit redefined, renamed, or modified as described in at least 11 publications up to 1960 since orginally described by Dumble (1890) as alternating clays and shales and thin-bedded limestones, with fire clay and coal, overlying Richland-Gordon sandstones and underlying Brownwood-Ranger series. Mostly sh. and mudst., silty, greenish gray to red, mudcracks common, generally poorly exposed, underlies subdued topography, fossils include plants and marine magafossils locally; limestone beds generally impure and discontinuous, more abdt. near top; sandst. forms thin discontinuous sheets and small channel fills, fewer beds near top. Ricker Station Ls.(1-4 ft thick) and Capps Ls. (up to 20 ft thick) in upper part of Strawn GroupUpper part above Capps Ls. equivalent to Brownwood Shale (fr. Brownwood Sheet, 1976). Group 1300-1400 ft thick.
Stratigraphic units Mineral Wells Fm.(top), Garner Fm., and Millsap Lake Fm.(bse)(Sellards, 1933). (fr. Brownwood Sheet, 1976) Capps Limestone, Ricker Station Limestone, pre-Brazos River Fm undivided.

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