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Starke Limestone

Starke Limestone NOTE: This unit is represented within the map unit explanation of (Geol. Map of Texas, 1992, Bur. Econ. Geol.) but does not occur on the map and is NOT included in the spatial data.
State Texas
Name Starke Limestone
Geologic age Phanerozoic | Paleozoic | Silurian
Comments outcrop so small that on state map it is marked by a cross at a point. Medium-to coarse-grained, massive, pinkish-gray, locally brecciated; probably in a collapse structure, crops out in an area about 50 ft across, because exposures are discontinuous owing to soil cover, neither top, bottom, nor meaningful estimate of thickness can be given; type locality4,000 ft south-southeast of Max Starke Dam, another small outcrop on R.M Burnam Ranch 4.75 mi airline south-southeast of Marble Falls.
Primary rock type limestone
Secondary rock type sedimentary breccia
Other rock types
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Carbonate > Limestone (Bed)
Map references
Bureau of Economic Geology, 1992, Geologic Map of Texas: University of Texas at Austin, Virgil E. Barnes, project supervisor, Hartmann, B.M. and Scranton, D.F., cartography, scale 1:500,000
Unit references
Bureau of Economic Geology, 1981, Llano sheet, Geologic Atlas of Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin, scale 1:250,000.