Big Branch Gneiss

Big Branch Gneiss
State Texas
Name Big Branch Gneiss
Geologic age preCambrian (Proterozoic)
Lithologic constituents
Metamorphic > GneissGneissic quartz diorite, fine- to medium-grained, gray, heavily contaminated with partly digested remnants of Packsaddle Schist. Locally near Red Mountain, potassium metasomatism produced a quartz monzonite-augen gneiss rich in pink microcline phenocrysts.
Comments intrudes Valley Springs Gneiss and Packsaddle Schist. Present in northeast Gillespe and northwest Blanco Counties. felsic gneiss, gneissic quartz-diorite, mafic gneiss, quartzmonzonite-augen gneiss, hornblende schist, graphite schist

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Counties Blanco - Gillespie - Llano