Younger granitic intrusion

Younger granitic intrusion
State Texas
Name Younger granitic intrusion
Geologic age preCambrian (Proterozoic)
Lithologic constituents
Igneous > Hypabyssal > Felsic-hypabyssal > Hypabyssal-felsic-alkaline (Dike or sill)Sixmile Granite, uniform fine-grained, commonly gray, but variable color, quartz-plagioclase-microcline rock, occurs as irregular intrusive bodies penetrating metamorphic rocks and Town Mountain Granite
Comments Oatman Creek Granite appears to be late differentiate of Town Mountain Granite. Younger granitic intrusions include aplogranite bodies and aplite dikes, pegmatite dikes, quartz masses
Stratigraphic units Oatman Creek Granite, Sixmile Granite

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