Aaron Slate

Very-light-gray, fine-grained, bedded volcaniclastic sediments, conglomerate, lithic feldspathic arenite, micaceous sandstone, siltstone, phyllite, argillite, and vitric tuff, with minor greenstone. Lithic fragments and relict euhedral crystals are common. The lower part of the unit is dominantly grayish-green slate interbedded with light-gray to grayish-green micaceous metasandstone; bedding is conspicuous and graded-bedding is common. The unit grades upward to bedded light-gray to moderate-red phyllite, metasandstone and slate.
State Virginia
Name Aaron Slate
Geologic age Proterozoic Z
Lithologic constituents
Metamorphic > Metasedimentary > Metaclastic > Slate
Metamorphic > Metasedimentary > Metaclastic > Phyllite
Metamorphic > Metasedimentary > Metaclastic > Metasandstone
Comments Carolina Slate Belt

Virginia Division of Mineral Resources, 1993, Geologic Map of Virginia: Virginia Division of Mineral Resources, scale 1:500,000.

Virginia Division of Mineral Resources, 2003, Digital Representation of the 1993 Geologic Map of Virginia, Publication 174, CD ROM (ISO-9660) contains image file, expanded explanation in pdf, and ESRI shapefiles, scale 1:500,000.

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Counties Charlotte - Halifax - Lunenburg - Mecklenburg - Prince Edward