Rowe Schist - garnet-biotite feldspathic schist member

Dark-grayish-brown-weathering, coarse-grained garnet-biotite-plagioclase-quartz schist. Rocks of the Rowe-Hawley Zone. Allochthonous cover sequence east of the Green Mountains: rift and drift stage metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks and tectonic inclusions of ultramafic rocks. Rowe Schist: Mapped in southern Vermont where the uppermost part is continuous with amphibolites, schists, and feldspathic schists of the Rowe Schist of Massachusetts. These upper units are continuous with rocks of the Stowe Formation to the north. Units in the middle and lowermost structural positions (above the Hoosac Formation) are in a similar structural position as rocks of the Ottauquechee and Pinney Hollow Formations, although structural continuity and correlations with the Ottauquechee and Pinney Hollow Formations are uncertain owing to extensive structural duplication by thrust faulting and folding.
State Vermont
Name Rowe Schist - garnet-biotite feldspathic schist member
Geologic age Cambrian and Neoproterozoic?
Lithologic constituents
Metamorphic > Schist > Quartz-feldspar-schistDark-grayish-brown-weathering, coarse-grained garnet-biotite-plagioclase-quartz schist.
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Counties Windham