Cuttingsville stock - quartz syenite

Quartz syenite. Part of the White Mountain Igneous Suite; Cuttingsville stock - Composite stock and intrusive breccia dikes consisting of augite and hastingsite syenite, nepheline and sodalite syenite, essexite, and monzodiorite. Associated dikes of monchiquite, camptonite, boston-ite, and spessartite. Average of five K-Ar ages 101 Ma; ages range between 103±4 and 99±2 Ma (Armstrong and Stump, 1971).
State Vermont
Name Cuttingsville stock - quartz syenite
Geologic age Early Cretaceous
Lithologic constituents
Igneous > Plutonic > Syenitic > Quartz-syenite (Stock or pipe)
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Counties Rutland