Ludlow Mountain granodiorite gneiss

Light-gray, medium- to fine-grained garnet-biotite-microcline-perthite granodiorite, magnetite-studded white aplite, and kyanite-tourmaline pegmatite. Contains 0.5-cm clots of muscovite possibly after beryl. Intrudes quartzite, lustrous schists (Y1rs), and calc-silicate rocks on Ludlow Mountain. U-Pb zircon SHRIMP age of 1,309±6 Ma, no. 9 (Aleinikoff and others, 2011). South Londonderry Igneous Suite (Middle and Early Mesoproterozoic) (1,393±9 Ma to 1,309±6 Ma). Mount Holly Complex intrusive rocks. Rocks of the Green Mountain and Lincoln Mountain massifs and eastern domes.
State Vermont
Name Ludlow Mountain granodiorite gneiss
Geologic age Middle Mesoproterozoic
Lithologic constituents
Metamorphic > Metasedimentary > ParagneissLight-gray, medium- to fine-grained garnet-biotite-microcline-perthite granodiorite gneiss.
Igneous > Plutonic > Granitic > Leucocratic-graniticMagnetite-studded white aplite, and kyanite-tourmaline pegmatite.
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Counties Rutland - Windsor