Oligocene volcanic rocks

Andesite and rhyodacite flows, tuff, and tuffaceous sandstones of northern Lincoln County and southwestern Stevens County.
State Washington
Name Oligocene volcanic rocks
Geologic age Oligocene
Lithologic constituents
Igneous > Volcanic > Mafic-volcanic > Andesite (Flow, Pyroclastic-tuff)
Igneous > Volcanic > Felsic-volcanic > Dacite (Flow, Pyroclastic-tuff)
Igneous > Volcanic (Volcaniclastic-volcanic breccia)
Igneous > Volcanic > Felsic-volcanic > Rhyolite (Flow, Pyroclastic-tuff)
Sedimentary > Clastic > Mudstone > Shale (Bed, Carbonaceous)
Sedimentary > Clastic > Sandstone (Tuffaceous)
Sedimentary > Clastic > Conglomerate (Bed)
Sedimentary > Clastic > Sandstone > Arkose (Bed)
Comments Mapped as andesite and dacite by Stoffel and others, 1991; mapped as primarily rhyodacite flows by Becraft and Weis, 1963. Note that Stoffel and others, 1991, report that while the term "Gerome Andesite" was once widely used (first coined in 1920 by Stevens), it has since been abandoned.
Stratigraphic units Gerome andesite

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