Metasedimentary rocks

Wind River Range--Metagraywacke, pelitic schist, metaconglomerate, graphitic schist, and iron-formation; local meta-andesite. At least 2,800 Ma. Seminoe Mountains (southeast end of Granite Mountains)--Pelitic schist, quartzite, and iron-formation. Casper Mountain (northwest extension of Laramie Mountains)--Felsic gneiss, quartzite, and iron-formation. Laramie Mountains--Pelitic schist, iron-formation, quartzite, marble, metaconglomerate, and metagraywacke.
State Wyoming
Name Metasedimentary rocks
Geologic age Late Archean
Lithologic constituents
Metamorphic > MetasedimentaryLumping of large array of metasedimentary rocks, including: metagraywacke, schist, metaconglomerate, quartzite, marble, ect.
Sedimentary > Chemical > Banded-iron-formation
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Counties Albany - Carbon - Fremont - Natrona - Platte - Sublette