Cenozoic (Tertiary) granitic rocks, unit 1 (Death Valley)

Cenozoic (Tertiary) granitic rocks--quartz monzonite, quartz latite, and minor monzonite, granodiorite, and granite; found in the Kingston, Panamint, Amargosa, and Greenwater Ranges in southeastern California.
State California
Name Cenozoic (Tertiary) granitic rocks, unit 1 (Death Valley)
Geologic age middle to late Miocene
Lithologic constituents
Igneous > Plutonic > Syenitic > Quartz-monzonite (Pluton)Generally porphyritic
Igneous > Plutonic > Granitic > Granite (Pluton)Generally porphyritic. Some described as hypabyssal
Igneous > Plutonic > Syenitic > Monzonite (Pluton)
Igneous > Hypabyssal > Felsic-hypabyssal > Hypabyssal-latite (Pluton)
Igneous > Plutonic > Granitic > Leucocratic-granitic > Aplite (Dike or sill)
Comments Death Valley region. Mostly granite to quartz monzonite plutons dated at 10-12 Ma
Stratigraphic units Kingston Range Monzonite Porphyry, Little Chief Granite

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