Schist of various types and ages, unit 8 (Condrey Mountain)

Schists of various types; mostly Paleozoic or Mesozoic age; some Precambrian.
State California
Name Schist of various types and ages, unit 8 (Condrey Mountain)
Geologic age Jurassic(?)
Lithologic constituents
Metamorphic > Schist (Greenschist)Includes mafic metavolcanic schist in upper part of unit, and quartz-mica metasedimentary schist in lower part
Metamorphic > Schist > Amphibole-schist (Blueschist)Glaucophane schist
Sedimentary > Chemical > ChertMetachert associated with quartz-mica schist
Comments Condrey Mountain Schist of Klamath Mountains. Consists of a mafic schist subunit thrust over a lower subunit composed mainly of quartz-mica schist
Stratigraphic units Condrey Mountain Schist

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