How to get color for lithology in the state geologic maps using ArcMap


This is a modified version of in which the "Name" field of the "Fill Symbols" field is converted to lower case.

Here is how you use it:
  1. Open a new ArcMap project. Add geologic unit data such as VTgeol_dd shapefile.
  2. Right click the layer name, select Properties, choose the Symbology tab.
  3. On the left, click Categories, choose "Match to symbols in a style"
  4. Choose ROCKTYPE1 as the Value Field
  5. Under "Match to symbols in Style" click Browse button, navigate to Click Open to select this style.
  6. Click the button labeled "Match Symbols" below the (currently mostly empty) table of values. Matched values will appear in the table, with the corresponding color.
  7. Click Apply or OK. The map will now be symbolized using this color scheme.