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Bouguer gravity anomaly grid for the conterminous US

Systematic geochemical and mineralogical survey of soil horizons analyzed using a consistent set of methods, sample spacing 1 per 1,600 sq km.


Show in a web browser window:

Show in Google Earth or other KML viewer:

Gravity_Anomaly.kmz (compressed (includes both Bouguer and isostatic anomaly) 1k bytes)

Show in your GIS using OGC web services: (WMS, version 1.3.0) (WFS, version 1.1.0)


Get the entire data set:

bouguer_sdd.e00.gz (ArcInfo interchange GRID 3.4 MB gzipped)

USgrv_cba_SDD_geog.tif (GeoTIFF (Geographic, NAD83) 11.4M bytes) (GeoTIFF (Geographic, NAD83) 0.9M bytes)

More data of this type: a source of gravity station measurement (point) data collected in many different studies


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