Khokhbulgiin khondii

Metamorphic mineral deposit in Mongolia containing Copper-gold

Geologic information

Country Mongolia
Geographic location: 99.6, 46.4833
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Geologic map unit 99.6, 46.4833
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Reference information

Citations Watanabe and others, 1999
Watanabe, Y., Turmagnai, D., Baymbasuren, D., Oyunchimeg, G., Tsedenbaljir, Y., and Sato, Y., 1999, Geology and K-Ar ages of the South, Huh Bilgiin Hundii, Saran Uul, Taats gol, and Han Uul deposits in the Bayankhongor Region, Mongolia: Resource Geology, v. 49, no. 3, p. 123-130.