Ely (Robinson, Ruth)

Hydrothermal mineral deposit in Nevada, United States containing copper, gold

Geologic information

Country United States
State or province Nevada
Geographic location: -114.999, 39.26
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Type details Porphyry copper deposit
Deposit model Porphyry Cu (17)
Geologic map unit -114.999, 39.26
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Reference information

Citations Singer and others (2002); Mutschler and others (1999)
Singer, D.A., Berger, V.I., and Moring, B.C., 2002, Porphyry copper deposits of the world: database, maps, and preliminary analysis: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-268, available online at http://geopubs.wr.usgs.gov/open-file/of02-268/.
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