Death Valley

Sedimentary mineral deposit in California, United States containing boron

Geologic information

Country United States
State or province California
Geographic location: -116.684, 36.342
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Type details Lacustrine evaporite deposit - borate
Deposit model Lacustrine borates (35b.3)
Geologic map unit -116.684, 36.342
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Reference information

Citations Harben and Bates (1990); Evans and others (1976)
Harben, P.W., and Bates, R.L., 1990, Industrial minerals: geology and world deposits, Metal Bulletin, Inc., 312 p.
Evans, J.R., Taylor, G.C., and Rapp, J.S., 1976, Mines and mineral deposits in Death Valley National Monument, California: California Division of Mines and Geology Special Report 125, 61 p.