South Texas Basin - Palangana Salt Dome

Sedimentary mineral deposit in Texas, United States containing halite (salt), potash

Geologic information

Country United States
State or province Texas
Geographic location: -98.394, 27.648
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Type details Marine evaporite deposit - salt dome
Deposit model Salt domes: diapiric salt structures (35a.4)
Geologic map unit -98.394, 27.648
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Reference information

Citations Williams-Stroud and others (1994)
Williams-Stroud, S.C., Searls, J.P., and Hite, R.J., 1994, Potash resources, in Carr, D.D., ed., Industrial minerals and rocks: Littleton, Colorado, Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, p. 783-802.