Los Pelambres

Hydrothermal mineral deposit in Argentina containing Copper, molybdenum

Geologic information

Country Argentina
Geographic location: -70.45, -31.75
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Geologic map unit -70.45, -31.75
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Reference information

Citations Atkinson and others, 1996
Atkinson, W.W., Jr., Souviron, Alvaro, Vehrs, T.I., and Faunes G., Alejandro, 1996, Geology and mineral zoning of the Los Pelamberes porphyry copper deposit, Chile, in Camus, F., Sillitoe, R.H., and Petersen, R., eds., Andean copper deposits: new discoveries, mineralization, styles and metallogeny: Society of Economic Geologists Special Publication no. 5, p. 131-156.