Database fields in category Site characteristics

Label Statistics Description
commodityShow statistics for this fieldThe material mined or processed at the site
fac_nameShow statistics for this fieldName given to a mine or processing plant that distinguishes it from others owned by the same facility. It may be the name of the facility given to it by the company or by others in the industry, or it may be the name of the nearest city or province, or a
fac_typeShow statistics for this fieldThe type of operation which may be a mine, an oil or gas field, or one of several kinds of processing plants.
mmShow statistics for this fieldThe method of mining used by the operation if it is considered to be a mine.
op_compShow statistics for this fieldThe principal company operating at the site.
maininvestShow statistics for this fieldThe primary shareholders or partners in the operating company or the mineral extraction and (or) processing venture.
othinvestShow statistics for this fieldThe secondary investors and shareholders of the operating company or the mineral extraction and (or) processing venture.
statusShow statistics for this fieldAn indicator of whether an operation was producing during the year listed. Closed facilities are not included in this report.
capacityShow statistics for this fieldThe amount of a commodity that is possible to produce at the facility
unitsShow statistics for this fieldThe unit of measurement for the facility’s capacity.
notesShow statistics for this fieldAdditional information about the record that users should be aware of (mostly refers to combined facility production capacities).