Compact database structure

Table Description
MRDS Summary information about each location.
About Simplified data dictionary explaining purpose and contents of tables and fields.
Accession Table explaining what your data package contains. For example if the download package was created by specifying a geographic bounding box, the limits of that box are included.
commodity Mineral commodities present at the site, whether exploited commercially or not.
datadxny Data dictionary explains purpose of tables and contents of fields
dups Relationships among database records, typically to identify records that seem to describe the same resource, but also records that describe part of another resource or a larger system of which the other resource is a part.
materials Minerals or other materials present in the deposit
names Names associated with the site

Database field categories

Metadata 41
Bibliographic references 0
Site identification 10
Geographic location 6
Site characteristics 4
Commodities 4
Production and resources 0