MRDS record 10298355 quality characteristics: grade D

This report describes general characteristics of this MRDS record which contribute to or detract from its overall quality, consistency, and presumably, usefulness. A low score here does not mean the information provided in the record is incorrect, only that it is not highly detailed, and may contain defects such as a lack of bibliographic references. With this type of information you can prioritize the review of records that have a lot of information over those that have little information, in order to understand readily the nature of mineral resources in a given area.

Measure Score Defect Criterion Description
2,064 1 Total length String length of the JSON record prior to parsing.
16 0 Row count Number of table rows, of any tables, contributing to this record.
11 1 Table count Number of distinct tables containing information for this record.
0 0 Geologic context count Number of records indicating geological context of the deposit.
0 0 Geologic comment count Number of comments categorized as geology, orebody, or age. Deposit does not count because all older comments got that category.
No 0 Deposit model A deposit model was assigned to the record.
1 1 Economic context count Number of records describing economic aspects of the site, including operations and workings.
0 0 Economic comment count Number of comments categorized as development, production, workings, and other economic factors.
1 1 Reference count Number of references likely to indicate locatable information resources.
1 1 Reporter count Number of reporter table rows.
Yes X Anonymous reporter There is only one reporter and it is not a named person.
No Unexpected production Production records exist but dev_st is Occurrence or Prospect.
No Unexpected resource Resource records exist but dev_st is Occurrence.
No Generic name There is only one name record, with no real name or a generic name.
Yes Location match Stated location of the record matches geographic area calculated from coordinates.
Yes X Coordinates inaccurate Coordinates are said to be the centroid of the county or state, or are not within 2km.
1 Reference row count Number of reference table rows.
Yes Has coordinates Coordinates are specified.
Yes Has commodity One or more commodity records exist.
D 4 2 Summary grade Grade based on sum of positive scores, reduced if defects are present.

Source of this quality assessment