Prospect in Alaska, United States with commodity Gold

Geologic information

Identification information

Deposit ID 10000746
MRDS ID A011386
Record type Site
Current site name Rambler
Alternate or previous names Golden Eagle Group, Cliff vein
Related records 10258650

Geographic coordinates

Geographic coordinates: -143.00867, 62.38275 (WGS84)
Relative position Best location: Lowe and others, 1982, USGS GQ-1566, loc. M2; 1/2 mi. N. of Nabesna mine, on N. side of Swede Gulch. Accurate within 100 ft. radius
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Geographic areas

Country State
United States Alaska


Commodity Importance
Gold Primary

Comments on the commodity information

  • Ore Material = marcasite in thin section

Materials information

Materials Type of material
Chalcopyrite Ore
Pyrite Ore
Pyrrhotite Ore
Marcasite Ore


  • (Local) Pyrrhotite alters to marcasite along limonite-stained fractures

Mineral occurrence model information

Model code 62
USGS model code 18d
Deposit model name Skarn Fe

Host and associated rocks

  • Host or associated Associated
    Rock type Plutonic Rock > Mafic Intrusive Rock > Diorite
    Stratigraphic age (youngest) Late Triassic
    Stratigraphic age (youngest) Late Triassic
  • Host or associated Associated
    Rock type Volcanic Rock (Aphanitic) > Intermediate Volcanic Rock > Andesite
  • Host or associated Host
    Rock type Sedimentary Rock > Carbonate > Limestone
    Rock unit name Nabesna Limestone
    Rock description Nabesna Limestone

Nearby scientific data

(1) -143.00867, 62.38275

Comments on the geologic information

  • Geologic Description = Massive gold-bearing pyrrhotite and pyrite in recrystallized Triassic limestone near contact with small granodiorite stock of Cretaceous age. Sulfide body is 52 ft by 19 ft by 34 ft and consists of about 75% pyrrhotite in coarse crystals up to 2 in in diameter.
  • Age = Cretaceous

Economic information

Economic information about the deposit and operations

Development status Prospect
Commodity type Metallic

Comments on exploration

  • Status = Inactive

Mining district

District name Chisana

Comments on the production information

  • Production Notes = Possibly some minor production

Comments on the workings information

  • Workings / Exploration = Average Au value of 14 samples was about 0.91 oz./t (reported as 32.00 dollars in Au); high value was 2.42 oz./t (reported as 85.00 dollars in Au, Au at 35.00/fine oz.) in USGS Bull. 933, p. 185. Surface and underground workings.

Reference information

Links to other databases

Agency Database name Acronym Record ID Notes
USGS Mineral Resources Data System MRDS A011386
USGS Alaska Resource Data File ARDF NB023

Bibliographic references

  • Deposit

    Lowe, P.C., and others, 1982, Geologic map of the Nabesna B-5 quadrangle, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Geologic Quadrangle Map GQ-1566, scale 1:63,360.

  • Deposit

    Moffit, F.H., 1943, Geology of the Nutzotin Mountains, Alaska, with a section on the igneous rocks, by R. C. Wayland, and Gold deposits near Nabesna, by R. C. Wayland, 1943: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 933-B, p. 103-199.

  • Deposit

    Richter, D.H., Singer, D.A., and Cox, D.P., 1975, Mineral resources map of the Nabesna quadrangle, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-655-K, scale 1:250,000.

Comments on the references

  • Primary Reference = Wayland, 1943, USGS B 933B, p. 184-185

General comments

Subject category Comment text
Deposit Model Name = Lode: massive sulfide, contact metasomatic
Deposit Other Comments = See Nabesna mine, NB022

Reporter information

Type Date Name Affiliation Comment
Reporter 24-JAN-1997 Leonard, K.R. U.S. Geological Survey
Reporter 24-JAN-1997 Elliott, R.L. U.S. Geological Survey
Reporter 24-JAN-1997 Nokleberg, W.J.. U.S. Geological Survey
Reporter 24-JAN-1997 Richter, D.H. U.S. Geological Survey