Dahl Creek Head

Past Producer in Alaska, United States with commodities Asbestos, Jade, Talc-Soapstone

Geologic information

Identification information

Deposit ID 10001175
MRDS ID A011876
Record type Site
Current site name Dahl Creek Head
Alternate or previous names Asbestos Mountain, Ing-Ink

Geographic coordinates

Geographic coordinates: -156.82845, 67.00843 (WGS84)
Relative position Location is just northwest of Asbestos Mountain in T. 19 N., R. 9 E., Kateel River Meridian. Shown as locality 29 in Mayfield and Grybeck (1978). Location accurate to within 600 ft. (200 m).?
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Geographic areas

Country State
United States Alaska


Commodity Importance
Asbestos Primary
Jade Secondary
Talc-Soapstone Secondary

Materials information

Materials Type of material
Chrysotile Ore
Nephrite Ore
Quartz Ore
Talc Ore
Tremolite Ore

Mineral occurrence model information

Model code 18
USGS model code 8d
Deposit model name Serpentine-hosted asbestos

Host and associated rocks

  • Host or associated Host
    Rock type Metamorphic Rock > Serpentinite

Nearby scientific data

(1) -156.82845, 67.00843

Comments on the geologic information

  • Geologic Description = 50 ft. (17 m) wide shear zone trending northeast and containing veins of slip-fiber tremolite, 6 in. to 2.5 ft. (12 cm to 0.66 m) thick; fibers up to 18-20 in. (36-40 cm) long, weak in tenacity, but relatively free of impurities. Veins plus residual fibers form lenticular ore bodies. Also present in area of mine are: 1) 0.25-4 in. (0.5-8 cm) seams of slip-fiber chrysotile and small veinlets of cross-fiber chrysotile; 2) small deposits of talc, soapstone and nephrite, 3) 6 in. (12 cm) wide veins of quartz containing crystals possibly of optical quality. Deposit is in serpentinized basic intrusive (peridotite?) in mica schist; abundant tremolite and chrysotile float (Heide and others, 1949, p.11-13).

Economic information

Economic information about the deposit and operations

Development status Past Producer
Commodity type Non-metallic

Comments on exploration

  • Status = Inactive

Mining district

District name Ambler

Comments on the production information

  • Production Notes = 33 tons of tremolite and 0.9 tons of serpentine shipped during WW ll. Small amount of optical quartz crystals shipped in 1943 (Heide and others, 1949, p. 11-13).

Comments on the workings information

  • Workings / Exploration = Surface and underground. Explored by several trenches and a 229 ft. (76 m) adit.

Reference information

Links to other databases

Agency Database name Acronym Record ID Notes
USGS Mineral Resources Data System MRDS A011876
USGS Alaska Resource Data File ARDF AR016

Bibliographic references

  • Deposit

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  • Deposit

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  • Deposit

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  • Deposit

    Reed, I.M., 1931, Report on the placer deposits of the upper Kobuk goldfields: Alaska Territorial Department of Mines Miscellaneous Report 37-1, 57 p

Comments on the references

  • Primary Reference = Heide and others, 1949

General comments

Subject category Comment text
Deposit Model Name = Serpentine-hosted asbestos

Reporter information

Type Date Name Affiliation Comment
Reporter 30-APR-1997 K.R. Leonard U.S. Geological Survey
Reporter 30-APR-1997 R.L. Elliott U.S. Geological Survey
Reporter 30-APR-1997 J.M. Schmidt U.S. Geological Survey
Reporter 30-APR-1997 S.W. Nelson U.S. Geological Survey