Walters, Brasslin & Atkinson

Prospect in Alaska, United States with commodities Gold, Lead, Silver, Zinc

Geologic information

Identification information

Deposit ID 10136624
MRDS ID A011664
MAS/MILS ID 0020850108
Record type Site
Current site name Walters, Brasslin & Atkinson
Related records 10000993

Geographic coordinates

Point of reference Main Entrance
Geographic coordinates: -148.06089, 61.05926 (WGS84)
Elevation 100
Location accuracy 500(meters)
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Geographic areas

Country State
United States Alaska

Public Land Survey System information

Meridian Township Range Section Fraction State
Seward 011 N 008 E 08 N2SESE Alaska


Commodity Importance
Gold Primary
Lead Tertiary
Silver Tertiary
Zinc Tertiary

Materials information

Materials Type of material
Arsenopyrite Unknown
Galena Unknown
Gold Unknown
Sphalerite Unknown

Nearby scientific data

Main Entrance (1) -148.06089, 61.05926

Ore body information

  • Strike N21E
    Dip 90E
    Width 0.3M
    Length 51.8M
    Field Value
    MAS Matrix # 1
    MAS Column # 1
    Type of Orebody #1 FISSURE VEIN
    Shape of Orebody #1 LENTICULAR
    Type of Orebody #2 REPLACEMENT
    Shape of Orebody #2 TABULAR
    Type of Orebody #3 DISSEMINATED
    Primary mode of Origin HYDROTHERMAL
    Primary Ore Control FAULTING
    Secondary Ore Control FOLDING
    Degree of Wallrock Alter. UNKNOWN
    Type of Wallrock Alter. #1 UNKNOWN
    Strike And Dip N21E
    Date of Last Modification 881220

Economic information

Economic information about the deposit and operations

Development status Prospect
Commodity type Metallic
Significant No

Mineral rights holdings

Type of mineral rights Located Claim

Land status

Ownership category Federal

Ownership information

  • Type Owner
    Owner Walters, A. W.
    Interest 100
    Home office Alaska
    Year 1913
  • Type Owner
    Owner Brasslin, J.
    Interest 100
    Home office Alaska
    Year 1913
  • Type Owner
    Owner Atkinson, Robert
    Interest 100
    Home office Alaska
    Year 1913

Comments on the workings information

  • QUARTZ VEIN WORKED CA. 1913 (B592). Workings reported to include a 15.8 m. crosscut adit, a 7.6 m. adit, open cuts, and stripping.

Reference information

Links to other databases

Agency Database name Acronym Record ID Notes
U.S. Bureau of Mines Minerals Availability System MAS 0020850108
USGS Mineral Resources Data System MRDS A011664 MAS references MRDS

Bibliographic references

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Reporter information

Type Date Name Affiliation Comment
Reporter 20-DEC-1988 Mirl-Dwb U.S. Bureau of Mines