Paradise Prospect

Prospect in Clark county in Nevada, United States with commodity Copper

Geologic information

Identification information

Deposit ID 10221329
MAS/MILS ID 0320030101
Record type Site
Current site name Paradise Prospect

Geographic coordinates

Point of reference Main Entrance
Geographic coordinates: -115.54724, 35.89919 (WGS84)
Elevation 1463
Location accuracy 10(meters)
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Geographic areas

Country State County
United States Nevada Clark

Public Land Survey System information

Meridian Township Range Section Fraction State
Mount Diablo 023 S 057 E 35 SESESE Nevada


Commodity Importance
Copper Primary

Nearby scientific data

Main Entrance (1) -115.54724, 35.89919

Economic information

Economic information about the deposit and operations

Operation type Surface-Underground
Development status Prospect
Commodity type Metallic
Significant No

Land status

Ownership category BLM Administrative Area

Reference information

Links to other databases

Agency Database name Acronym Record ID Notes
U.S. Bureau of Mines Minerals Availability System MAS 0320030101

Bibliographic references

  • Deposit

    NEV BUR OF MINES BULL 81, 1973, P29

  • Deposit

    NEV BUR MINES BULL 62 1965 P.194

Reporter information

Type Date Name Affiliation Comment
Reporter 17-FEB-1993 Ridenour, James U.S. Bureau of Mines