Plant in South Africa with commodities Gold, PGE, Silver

Geologic information

Identification information

Deposit ID 10256262
MAS/MILS ID 7910200052
Record type Site
Current site name Leslie
Related records 10134651, 10232163, 60000647

Geographic coordinates

Point of reference Ore Body
Geographic coordinates: 29.03474, -26.49658 (WGS84)
Elevation 1800
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Geographic areas

South Africa


Commodity Importance
Gold Primary
PGE Primary
Silver Primary

Nearby scientific data

Ore Body (1) 29.03474, -26.49658

Ore body information

  • Thickness 1.3M
    Field Value
    MAS Matrix # 1
    MAS Column # 1
    Type of Orebody #1 SEDIMENTARY
    Shape of Orebody #1 LENTICULAR
    Type of Orebody #2 PLACER
    Primary mode of Origin SEDIMENTATION
    Primary Ore Control BEDDING
    Degree of Wallrock Alter. UNKNOWN
    Type of Wallrock Alter. #1 UNKNOWN
    Date of Last Modification 850930
  • Area 2510HA
    Field Value
    Total Surface Area (HA) 2510
    Date of Last Modification 910418

Economic information

Economic information about the deposit and operations

Operation type Underground
Development status Plant
Commodity type Metallic
Significant Yes
Year of first production 1959
Plant type Leach
Plant subcategory Precipitation
Milling method Hydrometallurgy Unspecified

Mining district

District name Evander Area Of The Witwatersrand Goldfields

Mineral rights holdings

Type of mineral rights Located Claim
Type of mineral rights Unknown

Ownership information

  • Type Owner-Operator
    Owner Leslie Mines Ltd.(Subs. Of Gencor)
    Interest 100
    Home office South Africa
    Year 1982

Production statistics

  • Year 1972
    Description Leslie Ore Production For Year: 1513999 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1973
    Description 1457999 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1974
    Description 1092000 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1975
    Description 1250000 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1976
    Description 1229999 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1977
    Description 897000 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1978
    Description 925000 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1979
    Description 1024999 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1980
    Description 1169999 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1981
    Description 1250000 Metric Tons Ore
  • Year 1982
    Description 1210000 Metric Tons Ore

Reserves and resources

  • Type In-situ
    Estimate year 1993
    Demonstrated 830,000mt ore
    Total resources 830,000mt ore
    Commodity Subtype Grade units Group Importance Year
    Gold Au 9.1 g/mt Gold Major 1993

Workings at the site

  • Type of workings Underground
    Length 11795M
    Overall depth 633M
    Field Value
    MAS Development Schedule # 1
    Mining Record # 1
    Status of Mining Method ESTIMATE
    Mining Method BREAST STOPING 10-30
    Percent Waste Rock 0
    Percent Recovery 100
    Hardness of Rock UNKNOWN
    Rock Characteristics UNKNOWN
    Rock Support Chars. UNKNOWN
    Mine Support Chars. UNKNOWN
    Number of Shafts 3
    Length of Inclines (m) 300
    Slope of Inclines 25
    Number of Inclines 1
    1st Condition of Workings OPEN
    Capacity 3457
    Capacity Units MT ORE/DAY
    Unit Production Cost 26.85
    Units of Production $/MT ORE
    Operating Days per Year 350
    Operating Shifts per Day 2
    Year of Information 1982

Reference information

Links to other databases

Agency Database name Acronym Record ID Notes
U.S. Bureau of Mines Minerals Availability System MAS 7910200052
USGS Mineral Resources Data System MRDS ISM0327 MAS references MRDS

Bibliographic references

  • Reserve-Resource


Reporter information

Type Date Name Affiliation Comment
Reporter 01-AUG-1994 Boyle, Ed U.S. Bureau of Mines