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Data for 10400426

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Record URL
Site identification
Deposit identification number 10400426
MRDS identification number
MAS/MILS identification number
Name of the site, deposit, or operation Old Spanish Diggings
Previous names
Geographic location
Latitude 34.50948
Longitude -92.80545
Geographic region NA
Country name United States
State name Arkansas
County name Garland
Site characteristics
Operation type Surface-Underground
Deposit type
Production size
Development status Prospect
Ore minerals or materials
Gangue minerals or materials
Other minerals or materials
Ore body form
Workings type
Mineral deposit model
Alteration processes
Concentration processes
Ore controls
Reporter T. M. Romslo
Host rock unit name
Host rock type
Associated rock unit name
Associated rock type
Structural characteristics
Tectonic setting
Modifier for YR_FST_PRD
Year of first production
Modifier for YR_LST_PRD
Year of last production
Modifier for DISC_YR
Discovery year
Production years
Commodity type
Primary commodities Gold
Secondary commodities
Tertiary commodities
Production and resources