NGDB concentrate from sediment sample C301910 (stream/river)

Lab IDC301910
Field ID05TA728CD
Job IDMRP08273
Sample submitterBailey, Elizabeth A.
Date collected7/8/2005
Date submitted8/24/2007
Project nameGeologic and mineral deposit data for Alaska
CountryUnited States
Latitude (WGS84)60.00030797
Longitude (WGS84)-156.75190826
Original datumNAD27
Original latitude60.00101
Original longitude-156.74965
Location precision1 second
Sampling depthSurface (0-25 cm)
Description of locationTA A-2
Sample sourcestream/river
Collection methodcomposite
Primary media typesediment
Secondary media typeconcentrate
Notes on sample>=3 grains cinnabar; >=1 flake Au
Sample preparation methodpanned; sieved; bromoform separation; electromagnetic separation
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Geologic map unit-156.75190826, 60.00030797
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