NGDB rock sample M178992

Field Value
Unique Sample ID Number M178992
Analytical Job Number LV56
Submitter Name Brew, David A.
Date Submitted 19870722
Field Number 87RN286B
State AK
Latitude 58.10278
Longitude -134.66111
Source of Sample outcrop
Collection Method composite
Primary Classification rock
Secondary Classification metamorphic
Specific Name schist
Additional Attributes and Comments metasomatism unknown; quartz unknown; mafic (greenstone, greenschist, amphibolite);; mafic schist;
Geologic Age or Range Devonian--Pliocene
Stratigraphic Unit Name GRNS CRK MINE MAFIC TUFF
Alteration altrtn present
Type of Metamorphism regional
Metamorphic Facies or Grade greenschist
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Geologic map unit -134.66111, 58.10278
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Element Measured value Units of measure Analytical method
Na2O 0.89 percent by weight XRF
MgO 8.41 percent by weight XRF
Al2O3 15.3 percent by weight XRF
SiO2 45.3 percent by weight XRF
P2O5 0.19 percent by weight XRF
K2O 2.54 percent by weight XRF
CaO 6.12 percent by weight XRF
TiO2 1.33 percent by weight XRF
Chromium 365 ppm by weight XRF
MnO 0.2 percent by weight XRF
FeO 8.75 percent by weight Titration
FeTO3 10.9 percent Fe2O3 by weight XRF
Nickel 92 ppm by weight XRF
Rubidium 56 ppm by weight XRF
Strontium 72 ppm by weight XRF
Yttrium 30 ppm by weight XRF
Zirconium 88 ppm by weight XRF
Niobium 18 ppm by weight XRF