NGDB soil sample F019021 (unknown)

Lab IDF019021
Field IDLK90SE
Job IDWQ62
Sample submitterKelley, Karen D.
Date submitted12/1/1997
Project nameSyngenetic Massive Sulfide Deposits
CountryUnited States
Latitude (WGS84)68.16994201
Longitude (WGS84)-163.20870796
Original datum(NAD27)
Original latitude68.17056
Original longitude-163.20556
Location precision1 second
Sample sourceunknown
Collection methodsingle/grab
Primary media typesoil
Notes on sampleMinus 230-mesh soils from the Lik deposit
Sample zoneB horizon
Sieve size-230 mesh
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Geologic map unit-163.20870796, 68.16994201
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ElementMeasured valueUnits of measureAnalytical method
Mercury0.05parts per million by weightAA_CV
Mercury0.05parts per million by weightAA_CV