Vysokovol'tnoe, Amantajtau

PGE-Ni-Cr Deposit in Uzbekistan

Geologic information

Description:Large deposits
Geographic location:64.23, 41.21
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Source record ID6968
ReferenceRodnov, Yu.N., Belkina, I.L., Bystrova, G.P., Zabotikin, L.V., Larin, A.M., Sviridov, A.P., Simonova, L.S., and Smolenkov, V.I., authors, and Rundkvist, D.V., and Belkina, I.L., eds., 2001 [2002], Mineragenetic map of Russian Federation and adjacent states (within the boundaries of former USSR): Saint Petersberg, VSEGEI Publishing House, Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, State Research and Development Enterprise "Aerogeologia", 49 p,. Excel workbook, and 1 map on 16 sheets, scale 1:2,500,000.
Geologic unit 64.23, 41.21
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