Spargoville 1A

PGE-Ni-Cr unclassified in Australia

Geologic information

Geographic location:121.5, -31.31
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Source record ID156
ReferenceEckstrand, O. R., Good, D. J., Yakubchuk, A., and Gall, Q., compilers, 2007b, World distribution of Ni, Cu, PGE, and Cr deposits and camps [NiPGECr_321_Mar1307.mdb, deposits tables]: Geological Survey of Canada. [; last accessed Mar. 19, 2008. This database is an update of Eckstrand, O. R., and Good, D. J., 2000, World distribution of nickel deposits: Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 3791a].
Geologic unit 121.5, -31.31
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