National mineral assessment tract AK-WC16 (Plutonic porphyry Au)

Tract AK-WC16
Geographic region West Central, AK
Tract area 9,976sq km
Deposit type Plutonic porphyry Au
Deposit age Mesozoic - Tertiary


Explained by Marti L. Miller and Thomas K. Bundtzen
On the choice of deposit models
This tract contains numerous Cretaceous and Tertiary calc-alkaline stocks that may host plutonic porphyry Au deposits as described by Hollister (1992). It is a continuation of a tract defined for southwest Alaska.
On the delineation of permissive tracts
This tract trends northeast through the Ophir, Medfra, Nulato, and Ruby quadrangles, and is contiguous to the tract in the southwestern region. It is defined by the Kuskokwim Mountain belt, which features volcano-plutonic complexes (and related stocks), gold-quartz vein deposits, and favorable geochemical data (Bundtzen and Miller, 1997).
Important examples of this type of deposit
There are no known porphyry gold deposits in this tract; however, the contiguous tract in the southwest region contains several plutonic-related gold deposits including those at Chicken Mountain and Golden Horn (Bundtzen and others, 1992) in the Iditarod quadrangle, and at Vinasale Mt. (DiMarchi, 1993) in the McGrath quadrangle.
On the numerical estimates made
No estimate of the number of undiscovered porphyry gold deposits for this tract was attempted.
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Hollister, V.F., 1992, On a proposed plutonic porphyry gold deposit model: Nonrenewable Resources, v. 1, no. 4, p. 293-302.

Geographic coverage

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