National mineral assessment tract LS06 (Sediment-hosted Cu, redbed)

Tract LS06
Geographic region Lake Superior
Tract area 24,300sq km
Deposit type Sediment-hosted Cu, redbed
Deposit age Pennsylvanian - Permian


Explained by David A. Lindsey
On the choice of deposit models
Deposits are lenticular, sandstone and shale-hosted, and are associated with accumulations of plant and other organic matter in red-bed sequences. These characteristics indicate classification as red-bed type. No information is available on tonnage and grade, but at least one nearby deposit (Paoli, Oklahoma) was explored by drilling (Shockey and others, 1974).
On the delineation of permissive tracts
The permissive tract encompasses the Lower Permian (Leonardian) mixed continental-marine strata of northern Kansas and southeast Nebraska (Fischer, 1937) and includes the Ninnescah Shale and Wellington Formation. It is largely in the subsurface.
Important examples of this type of deposit
Occurrences in the Ninnescah Shale and Wellington Formation in south-central Kansas and north-central Oklahoma, though not in this tract, are typical of it and are the best-studied (Berendson and Lambert, 1981; Waugh and Brady, 1976). The sandstone-hosted copper-silver deposit at Paoli, Oklahoma (Shockey and others, 1974) is in the contiguous tract to the south.
On the numerical estimates made
There are no known deposits in Kansas, the permissive rocks are primarily in the subsurface, and no estimate of undiscovered deposits was made.
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