National mineral assessment tract SA06 (Massive sulfide, kuroko)

Tract SA06
Geographic region Southern Appalachian Mountains
Tract area 29,600sq km
Deposit type Massive sulfide, kuroko
Deposit age Proterozoic - Cambrian

Deposit model

Model code 28a
Model type descriptive
Title Descriptive model of Kuroko massive sulfide
Authors Donald A. Singer


Explained by T.L. Klein
On the choice of deposit models
Volcanic rocks in the Charlotte belt, Belair belt, the high-grade Ashland-Wedowee terranes of Alabama and parts of the Carolina slate belt, are considered permissive for the occurrence of kuroko massive sulfide deposits, although they contain few examples.
On the delineation of permissive tracts
The permissive tract includes volcanic rocks in the Carolina slate belt, Charlotte belt, Belair belt, and the high-grade Ashland-Wedowee terranes of Alabama, exclusive of areas with known deposits. No estimate of undiscovered deposits was made.

Geographic coverage

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