Geochemical landscape of the conterminous US: maps of NURE-HSSR data

Maps derived from a subset of the National Uranium Resource Evaluation Hydrogeochemical and Stream Sediment Reconnaissance data. Samples are from streams, lakes, ponds, springs, playas, and soils. Includes Na, Ti, Fe, Cu, Zn, As, Ce, Hf, Pb, Th, and U.


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Map images (3004 x 1571 pixels)

Element TIFF image PNG image World file
Arsenic Usas.tif Usas.png Usas.tfw
Cerium Usce.tif Usce.png Usce.tfw
Copper Uscu.tif Uscu.png Uscu.tfw
Iron Usfe.tif Usfe.png Usfe.tfw
Hafnium Ushf.tif Ushf.png Ushf.tfw
Sodium Usna.tif Usna.png Usna.tfw
Lead Uspb.tif Uspb.png Uspb.tfw
Thorium Usth.tif Usth.png Usth.tfw
Titanium Usti.tif Usti.png Usti.tfw
Uranium Usu.tif Usu.png Usu.tfw
Zinc Uszn.tif Uszn.png Uszn.tfw



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