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Minor podiform chromite deposit, 1 of 1 in Macon county (in North Carolina)

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Geologic Information
Other namesOlivine Deposit Number Nine
CountryUnited States
State or provinceNorth Carolina
Geographic location:35°11'21"N, 83°16'43"W
(-83.278611, 35.189167)
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Deposit typeminor podiform chromite
Model typeMinor Podiform
Deposit formlens
Deposit texturefine-grained massive
Ore typeUnknown
Age of depositOrdovician
Age (m.y.)460million years
Area of deposit3.7sq m
Ore body length3.7m
Ore body width1m
Host rock typedunite
Host rock length305
Host rock width300
Paleotectonic settingsuprasubduction
Ophiolite zonetectonite
Deposits < 10kmpodiform chromite
Rocks within 5kmdunite
biotite schist
hornblende gneiss
Geologic map unit-83.2786111111111, 35.1891666666667
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Economic Information
Discovery date1917
Startup date1917
Ore depth0m
Reference information
CommentsProduction is unknown from a pit 12 m long, 1.8 m wide, 4.6 m deep. Chromite lens is 3.7 m long, 0.61 m wide, and probably at least 3 m deep. Based on these dimensions, deposit size is estimated at 24 t. Grade is unknown. Chromite crystals are mostly fine-grained, but can get up to 6 mm across. Macon County.
Hunter, C.E., and Rankin, H.S., 1941, Forsterite olivine deposits of North Carolina and Georgia: Georgia Division of Mines, Mining and Geology Bulletin no. 47, 117 p.
Hunter, C.E., Murdock, T.G., and MacCarthy, G.R., 1942, Chromite deposits of North Carolina: North Carolina Division of Mineral Resources Bulletin no. 42, 39 p.
Hadley, J.B., and Nelson, A.E., 1971, Geologic map of the Knoxville 1 x 2 quadrangle, North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina: U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations Map, I-654, scale 1:250,000.
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